Design Portfolio

With a strict focus on serving institutional investment managers, diversified wealth management firms and independent RIAs, Bull Marketing has demonstrated time and again the adept ability to generate precise technical drawings, charts and tables that stretch far beyond the bounds of basic graphic design and web development.

Fact Sheets    Pitch Books   

Automation fact sheet and pitch book production: Brandywine Global Investment Management (BGIM) originally approached Bull Marketing to develop a way to automate the management of fact sheets and pitch books. Up until that point, they were performing all maintenance by hand consuming exorbitant amounts of time and resources. The specific request was to find a way to parse data more quickly, a solution where a user could upload data and have it automatically generate an entire library of fact sheets and pitch books, drawing from all of their existing strategies. We developed a proprietary software solution custom designed to their specifications to address these initiatives.

The Bull Marketing solution resulted in Brandywine Global Investment Management being able to process their communications 80% faster than they were able to when they compiled them by hand. They were so enthusiastic with our work that they decided to partner with us on many additional projects, including; webcasts, white papers, fact sheets, website, blog, infographics and customized support.

White Papers    Customized Support   

White Papers generated into multiple formats simultaneously: For years we helped Brandywine Global Investment Management develop refined white papers in PDF format—blending copy, images, data and charts into one seamlessly flowing research piece. More recently they intensified the parameters to include generating matching PDF and HTML white papers simultaneously. After diligent research and development, we were able to architect a way to perfectly meet this request by leveraging features built under the hood of Adobe InDesign coupled with a custom JavaScript.

Brandywine Global Investment Management works with Bull Marketing on many mission critical projects and considers us an extension of their team. In addition to helping with white papers, we also assist Brandywine Global with things like; webcasts, data automation, factsheets, website, blog, infographics and customized support.

Institutional Investment Managers

Brandywine Global Investment Management offers a broad array of fixed income, equity, alternatives, and asset allocation strategies that seek value across global markets. As of early of 2015, Brandywine Global manages over $60 Billion in assets. The firm is wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of Legg Mason, Inc. (NYSE: LM), and is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with office locations in San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto, Singapore and London.

Pitch Books    Application Assistance   

FIS Group leverages our expertise in developing pitch book presentations year round. We regularly build complex charts and memorable infographics that visually tell a story of value and strategically leads the eye through each presentation. FIS Group also engages us as a technical advisor. We assist by addressing technological hurdles as they arise with respect to applications that we specialize in such as Adobe Creative Cloud and MS Office Suite.

FIS Group tells us that they consider the work that we do for them “Yeoman’s work”. Meaning we play an integral and valuable role, diligently performing critical maintenance tasks rudimentary to the production of successful pitch books.

Institutional Investment Managers

FIS Group is an institutional investment firm that manages complexity, risk, and opportunity through the intersection of investment skill and macro-tactical advantage. FIS Group offers an integrated and comprehensive investment approach that results in flexible, sustainable and empirically grounded custom solutions.


Eager, Davis & Holmes (EDH) recently approached Bull Marketing about re-designing a static legacy website. The objective of the project was to design a fresh and clean look that communicated brand value and trust, while bringing the back-end of the website in line with current web standards and Google best practices for optimal SEO results. In addition, EDH also requested that we develop a custom graphic for their landing page that encapsulated their brand message more intimately than a stock photo, which also complimented existing branded graphics that identify each service.

The result is a complete success. The new website is dynamic, which means all updates and maintenance are streamlined and less costly moving forward. The responsive technology allows the website to intelligently optimize layouts depending on whether the user is accessing the site via desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The website navigation and user interface was re-organized to improve user comprehension and create a more intuitive user experience that aides in improving click conversions. When we asked EDH how they would rate their experience with Bull Marketing, they said that their experience was “Excellent”. Additionally, they were impressed with our ability to quickly respond to requests and felt more comfortable throughout the process because they got to work directly with key designers working on the website.

Presentation & Training Consultants for Investment Managers

EDH partners with institutional investment management firms offering insightful perspectives, in-depth competitor knowledge, expert market proxy advice and senior partner attention. Their services include Product Positioning & Presentations, Training, Insurance Market Guidance, and Client Satisfaction & Other Business Issues.

Branding    Websites   

Elephant Capital Advisors (ECA) approached us when they were just starting out as a new firm. They were looking for a designer who knew how to create professional graphics for institutional investors. We started by designing a memorable logo that communicated brand value, established client trust, and was easily recognizable. The logo elements harness the rich colors and themes of Southeast Asia, the geographic region that ECA invests in, and features a symbolic elephant that is native to the region. After the logo was perfected, we developed complimentary brand materials such as business cards, stationary, a pitch book and a website.

Institutional Investment Managers

ECA is an independent investment manager providing global investors access to the rapidly developing “Frontier” economies of South Asia. The US-based portfolio management team employs a top down macroeconomic investment approach supplemented with strong fundamental equity and market analysis to uncover unique investment opportunities in these for a promising new emerging market sub-asset class.