Insights from the Bull Pen

Insights from the Bull Pen are team-generated thought pieces, drawing on a combined 20+ years of hands-on communication design expertise for investment management firms. Our insights derive from current technologies, industry best practices and solutions we have developed to be effective in today's market.

An Asset Manager's Guide to Selecting a Color Palette

Many firms recognize that choosing a color palette is key to developing a strong brand. However not all firms realize just how important their color selections—and application of colors—are to their clients. They may not even know if their color selection is helping their brand at all. If your firm is looking to improve brand awareness and communicate stronger brand value, then this article is for you.

An Asset Manager’s Guide to Selecting an Appropriate Video Length

How long is too long? We discuss the ideal video duration for videos within the investment industry and assess an audience's attention span based on a real-time example.

An Asset Manager's Guide to Improving User Experience

Read how to improve user experience and evaluate communications with our consultative assessment.

An Asset Manager's Guide to Developing Video Presentations

We address the growing demand for integrating video into your marketing materials, clever ideas on how to get started with materials you already have, and industry best practices that can enhance your video presentations.

An Asset Manager’s Guide to Leveraging Branded Charts & Graphics

We take a closer look at the necessity of smartly-designed branded charts and graphics for today's institutional investment marketers and why the default output of standard chart generators no longer fit the bill.

A Guide to Website Makeovers in 2015

We’ll walk you through the ever-growing world of website design in 2015 and some things to look out for when developing a new website for your asset management firm such as responsive design, SEO, and social media integration.

Prezi vs. PowerPoint: Establishing Objectives

Choosing to switch to a new presentation application can bring up a lot of new obstacles for your investment marketing team. In this article, we contrast the different intended uses of two popular presentation applications, the classic Microsoft PowerPoint and the up-and-coming Prezi.

Responsive Websites: A Priority for SEO and User Experience

Responsive website design is no longer an option for serious sites, it’s a basic requirement. If your institutional investment management firm is considering a site rebuild, a mobile-friendly experience should make the list.

InDesign Customized to Export Multiple, Simultaneous Formats

Customizing your InDesign workflow to export your investment marketing materials into both PDF and HTML format can be a tricky endeavor. We’ve developed a seamless workflow to handle this common issue quickly and efficiently.